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Carolinas Pediatrics

&Primary Care

Providing connection and clarity since 2021

No copays. No deductibles. 

Unlimited same or next day sick visits.

The possibilities are endless.  

Welcome to Carolinas Pediatrics & Primary Care,

the first direct primary care clinic in Huntersville,NC.

Our practice provides comprehensive medical care 

 for children from birth to age 21, and for caregivers,

parents and grandparents too! Our family is your family.  


Welcome to our family

We know how important high quality, affordable healthcare is for both you and children. Carolina Pediatrics and Primary Care provides same day, highly personalized preventative care and treatment, allowing you to see your primary provider and avoid the inconvenience and unfamiliarity of urgent care.


From stitches, well visits, ear piercings, to dispensing common medications, we have you covered!  Take advantage of our sick ’drive through’ when you or your child is unwell, allowing you both the opportunity to avoid the office when sick.  Whether you are without health insurance or have coverage and are seeking a higher level of care for your family, Carolina Pediatrics and Primary Care has a membership to meet the unique needs of your family. 

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