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How it Works

What is DPC?

  • Direct primary care is an increasingly popular model of care that is restoring the doctor patient relationship. DPC is a membership-based model and for one low monthly fee, we are able to provide you with longer more relaxed visits, wholesale prices on medication and labs, and a variety of ways to connect with your physician. There are no co-pays and all additional lab and medication fees are transparent.  This revolutionary type of medical practice that benefits patients, parents, and physicians alike. The costly middle man (hospitals, insurance companies, upper management) is essentially eliminated. It allows for one to pay the physician directly via monthly membership fees in exchange for transparent pricing and more time/improved access to a board certified physician. No copays, booking fees, or deductibles. Just medicine as it was intended.

  • On the rare occasion you will need to use insurance, you will know how much your child’s labs, imaging and pathology fees are BEFORE they are treated. If you don’t have insurance, we will do what we can to heavily discount price.

  • Our membership is intentionally limited to improve your access and service.  We are currently accepting new patients. Enjoy having a doctor available when and how you want. Appointment slots are at minimum 30 minutes. You can take as long as you’d like, or you can be in and out-whatever is best for you. Your time is important and we strive to respect your time. If you forget to ask a question pertinent to you or your child’s care, no problem-you can always text, call, FaceTime or email us!

  • You will have access to an appointment with your physician within 24-48 hours, with an exception of weekends and holidays. However, you may contact us anytime for advice/next steps. You will also have access to your physician via text, email phone and via patient portal. You will no longer have to wait days, weeks, months for essential medical care, paperwork and prescriptions.

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