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Don't neglect your own health, grown ups need care, too! 


Included with membership pricing:

  • All well visits per American College of Physician clinical practice guidelines

  • Work/Disability Physicals

  • Acute and Non-acute Office visits

  • Health risk assessment

  • Psycho-social screening

  • Sleep health assessment

  • Maternal/Paternal Postpartum

  • Depression Screening

  • Nutritional/Lifestyle Assessment

  • Exercise and dietary plan

  • Routine EKG

  • Blood Pressure Testing

Offered at a discounted price:

  • Blood draws/lab collection as needed

  • Rapid flu

  • Excessive ear wax removal

  • COVID rapid or pcr

  • Ear piercing 

  • Lactation consultant services >15 min/visit 

  • Laceration repair/suture removal (flat fee per contract)

  • More than excess 5 more phone calls/texts/visits within a month 

  • Nexaplanon placement (‘free ‘ at MD office but MAY indirectly bill insurance/order separately at severely discounted additional cost 

  • Cryotherapy warts

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