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Doc, is it COVID? Why is this cough lingering longer than usual?

This is part 2 in a series explaining the ‘big 3’ viruses out now.

Let me make a long story short, if you can. get ALL your latest shots and boosters, it’s estimated only about 10% population are fully immunized to all three, hospitals are seeing a lot of pneumonias this time of year, much of the cause is our depressed

immunity/vulnerability secondary to the ‘big three’.

Let me take a minute to discuss RSV here

Usually, season is between Oct-April, and one third of the population gets it during this time.

For most of us, it’s ‘just’ the common cold. Most of us get exposed to this within the first year of life.

Premature babies/future asthmatics who are exposed to this virus are often the most vulnerable, as their little airways often can’t handle the load and their budding immunity doesn’t always allow a perfect response.

COVID further mucked up the picture on what can already be a brutal virus for many.

Thanks to hand washing/masking/social distancing protocols, viral load was lighter than usual for much of 2020/2021. Of course, it came roaring back with avengeance in 2022 onwards. Kids who were 2, 3 4 were exposed to it for the very first time. And had NO immunity to something they would’ve had otherwise. This trickled over into adults too since viral load had been light for the last few years. We had an unprecedented spike in early fall this year.

Thankfully, this was anticipated; however, not as much as I would like since there was a widespread RSV vaccine shortage.

In short, Beyfortis-for the two and under crowd. Dose is weight dependent. Highest priority is to vaccinate those 6 months and less, with the 3 month and under crowd.

Pfizer developed another vaccine for pregnant women between 32-36 weeks gestation and adults over 60 called ABRYSVO. It’s a bivalent vaccine. Studies have shown it’s over 86% effective in preventing severe illness in the over 60 crowd, and about 67% effective for preventing mild illness.

There is another adjuvant vaccine by GlaxosmithKline for the 60 and over crowd also.

As RSV has no real ‘cure’ except to provide supportive treatment for symptoms-even severe ones, prevention really is key.

If you’re sick, consider masking up for others. Get all your shots and definitely wash those hands!

If you have questions, comment below!!!!

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